About Kim Pickett / Educator

Totally human and captivating, Kim Pickett inspires, clarifies, and leads. She galvanizes participants of her workshops along their path of self-development. Participants enjoy her clear, concise, dramatic style.

Kim has 30 years of teaching experience, presenting to professionals, laypersons, educators, bodyworkers, athletes, and medical personnel including doctors, nurses, and physical therapists.

She has also lectured at the Temple University Fox School of Business on entrepreneurialism. Bitten by the “entrepreneurial bug” early in life, Kim has owned, operated, and sold ten different businesses in the medical field. In addition, she owned and operated a horse riding school which was ultimately sold as well. Her business acumen in the healthcare industry earned Kim a nomination in the Philadelphia Business Journal as “Businesswoman of the Year.”

Kim has been asked to lecture at the Integrative Health Program at West Chester University in Pennsylvania as well as Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine. She also regularly presents classes and workshops at local farms and at The Spring Haven Center, in Malvern, Pennsylvania and at The Center For Human Integration, in Philadelphia.

Kim’s work is predicated on the belief that each of us has an “intelligence” that dwells in our bodies. Participants in her workshops can expect to learn how to access this “intelligence” and, in so doing, discover the power that our minds and bodies create in unison.

Through storytelling, guided experiential exercises and specific paradigm creation, participants in Kim’s workshops begin to hear the songs in their heart, the rumblings in their gut and develop an understanding of how to unravel the mind’s seduction from them.

Now, this vibrant woman invites you on an inspirational, courageous pilgrimage to
your own personal renewal.

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