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Intuitive Healer

Kim is an energy worker, body worker, and intuitive healer who has studied bodywork and energetic techniques for the past 25 years. Her energetic studies include Five-Element Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Taoist Healing Techniques, and Reiki. Her somatic studies include Alexander Technique, Myo-Fascial Release, T-Touch, BioEnergetics, Myotherapy and Wilhelm Reichís Structural/Character Analysis. Yoga (Hatha, Kundalini, and Bikram), Meditation, Breathwork (Mongolian, Taoist) as well as Animal Communication, all contribute to Kimís ability to link Body, Mind, and Spirit in a healing session.

Through education and personal trauma, Kim knows the healing process intimately. After qualifying for the screening trials to train with the United States Equestrian Team, Kim broke her back and developed a fusion in her neck as a result of a car accident. Later, she had the long-term challenge of chronic fatigue syndrome.

From these experiences, Kim learned how pain, both physical and emotional, can be an effective motivator, healer, and teacher. In the process of reclaiming her own wholeness, Kim became acutely attuned to the interplay of body, mind, and spirit. She now assists others on their various healing paths.

Intuitive Healer

Using her unique and integrated blend of Somatic, Neuro-Muscular, and Energy-based bodywork systems, Kim speaks to the body in its own powerful language. The intelligence of the body recognizes this language and responds dynamically.

Through gentle manipulation, Kim tracks where and how the flow of energy has been interrupted in the body and psyche. With the information she gains from this tracking process, she is able to tailor healing regimens that meet the individual needs of her clients. But for Kim, assisting clients (both human and animal) is not solely about achieving physical well-being. Her work also supports them in reclaiming their personal power.

Human beings have more than five senses. These ďextraĒ senses enable them to perceive energies such as thoughts and feelings. Everyone has these senses, but just as a blind personís sense of hearing may be more acute than a sighted personís hearing, one personís ability to perceive thoughts and feelings may be stronger than anotherís. Kimís healing work energizes all the senses and facilitates a fuller expression of oneís true nature. As a result, clients often experience significant changes in every aspect of their lives.

Kim works with extreme illness and injury and specializes in chronic disorders that often donít respond to traditional medicine. As a well-rounded athlete, Kim has a special understanding for the needs of high performance individuals. Kim currently maintains her private healing practice for both humans, and horses, and all other kinds of animals.

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About the Healing Work: Every human has what is called a human energy field. This field of energy surrounds us and undulates through each of our cells. in a wave-like fashion This energy field serves as our operating system.


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