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The Story of Abby, the Dog

In August of '07 Abby dog was brought to me for a session, and I immediately picked up on her belly discomfort. She just felt plain "icky" inside. I suggested a trip to the vet for bloodwork and a check up, as I knew this was more of a chronic and building condition, rather than something that was new. She had cancer in her intestines.

Abby was a German Shepherd/Collie mix, and was a trained and licensed Search and Rescue dog, having found over 50 lost dogs, adults and children and was instrumental in helping hundreds of animals during Katrina. My client has a thriving pet-care business, and Abby was her alpha dog, always maintaining the management of all the dogs, both in the house, in the yards, and on the trail. Abby studied every dog, anticipating potential problems before they occurred, maintaining calm within all the packs.

In December of '07, I helped prepare Abby for her "crossing over," and she told me she was ready to go, and at peace with it. Abby waiting patiently for Dr. Jen to arrive at her home, and greeted her with a lick. She then quietly laid down on the blanket prepared for her without any prompting from anyone, never let out a peep, and went peacefully. Abby was only 8 years old.

My client fell into an awful depression, and soon, Abby decided it was time to come back to her. This information came through while I was in a session with Lahti, another of my client's dogs. Before Abby could come back however, she stated that she was concerned about a problem that needed to be fixed before a dog got hurt on my client's property. Specifically, she reported, there was a drainage problem and a sink hole in another spot. My client reported that she and her husband knew of these places in their yard, and were trying to fix it. Abby said they needed a professional to get it done right. Curiously, Lahti and the other dogs had spent time lying in these areas, since Abby left them.

For your information, I have never been to my client's home, nor had I seen pictures. My client hired a professional and got the jobs done.

In March '08, while in session with my client's dog Lahti, I learned that Abby was "coming into form." She showed me pictures of herself jumping over something. I asked her what she was jumping over and she stated it was a house. She said she did it all the time! My client reported that as an "agility" dog, Abby use to jump the dog house in the agility course, rather than run through it! Abby was making herself known, and lining up her re-entry.

In April '08, in another session with Lahti, Abby tells me four dates in May that should be marked in the calendar. I didn't know if these were potential dates she was to be re-born, or whether they marked the date of a possible meeting for Abby and my client. Lahti quickly spoke up, "Abby has already been born and will be with us soon!" I see her, and she is buff in color, with a very curly soft coat. She had an adorable, unforgettable face.

In May '08, Abby comes to me at night, through a series of dreams, frantic, telling me to have my client look for her, as she is ready, immediately, to come home again. She further states she is in a horrible place, with a horrible man and she needs to be found. She says she is close, within an hour from my client's home. I ask her how to locate her, and she says "Look for the teddy bear puppy!"

My client and her husband spent hours, on the Internet, calling and searching for a "teddy bear puppy", whatever that was! We were all baffled at the description. Finally, while scrolling through the files google offered for "Pennsylvania Dog Breeders" my client lands on a site for "Almost Heaven Kennel" with the home page saying in big red letters: "SEE TEDDY BEAR PUPPIES!" My client clicks on the site, and there she was, as big as life! The same face I had described earlier: A golden doodle! There were other dogs, but my client knew her immediately.

On May 10, one of the four dates that had previously been identified as a "marker" day, my client went to this kennel. It was horrible. Apparently this puppy had just been purchased from another kennel, as the pick of the litter, and the man who owned the kennel stated she was "A pain, had arrived only the day before from the home where she had been being raised, and she was screaming in her crate the whole time and he couldn't take it anymore. Please take her from me, get her out of here before I drop kick her to the other end of the kennel."

My client is a certified vet tech, and knew instantly that she needed to take this puppy home, even though the kennel owner was in violation of the puppy lemon law, as she was only six weeks and two days old, far too young to be weaned (harshly weaned the day before) or sold. She purchased the puppy, who was soon named "Angel."

But the story doesn't end there...

Not only has this puppy, at such a young age, been exhibiting mature and clearly unique "ABBY" behaviors (see list provided by client, located at bottom of this email), but she also continues to provide her "rescue" services in our world. Specifically, my client had the state close down this kennel for numerous violations. The man had a long history of neglect, abuse and hiding from the law, by moving and changing his names in order to continue his businesses (purchasing from puppy mills and re-selling). He had previously spent two years in jail (2001 and 2002) and been fined $50,000 for killing 147 dogs while he went on vacation for a month, and providing NO CARE for the animals during his absence. The state authorities knew he was somewhere, but couldn't find him. This was one of 20 offenses reported in the past 5 years for this man. He used many alias's and kept moving around, and the state could not catch up with him. Thanks to "Angel Abby" this breeder has been closed, fined and license yanked!

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