Overview of a Consultation Session - For the Horse Owner

Horses can be worked within crossties, in the stall, or in the arena, depending on the needs of the moment. Sessions with horses are generally one hour long. If you are to work your horse the day of the session, it is best to do so prior to the session, if possible, and to allow your horse to relax after the session. Please consider avoiding feeding time and busy times in the barn, when scheduling your session. Please have the horse clean and dry, with no ointments, fly spray, or hoof oil on its body. Sessions are energetically robust. Allow the animal quiet, before and after the session.

Evaluation of the horse's biomechanics, structural alignment, soft tissue, emotional status, and organ systems reveal the underlying pattern. Sessions are oriented towards unwinding the underlying pattern via the somatic structures, and then ‘spotlighting’ the higher-functioning pattern into the nervous system.

Horses and other performance animals sustain injuries and have resultant soft tissue shortening/tightening (this connective tissue forms a web from head to hoof, surrounding every muscle, bone, organ, blood vessel, nerve, and cell) and compensatory neuromuscular issues. Muscle is 98% connective tissue (also known as fascia), and contortions in this system lead to poor biomechanics, altered structural alignment, decreased strength and endurance, and produce compensatory/overuse problems. Organ systems suffer as connective fibers constrict and bind them.

Horses respond very well to "Clinic" format, and if you have a barn of horses, this is a cost-effective way of having your horses receive the bio-energetic work. See overview of Clinic. I can work on 2 to 4 horses at a time in "Clinic."

Other needs, such as behavioral issues and rehabilitative rides on horses are available too, on a private basis.

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Overview of Consultation Session - Animal

People and their animal friends seek out Kim for four main reasons:
  • To deal with chronic conditions such as pain, disease, and auto-immune compromise;
  • For conditions which standard medical practice has no explanation;
  • To explore the relationship from the animal’s perspective.
  • To assist on the vision quest between animal and human, including the death and dying experience, moving to a new location, lost animal, trauma/abuse, and other psycho-spiritual

Kim recognizes that underlying psycho/spiritual issues are the root to behavioral and/or physical complaints, and engages with your animal friend accordingly.

Physical issues receive evaluation of the animal’s biomechanics, structural alignment, tissue tension, emotional status, and organ systems reveal the underlying dysfunctional pattern. Sessions are oriented toward unwinding the underlying pattern via the somatic structures, and then ‘spotlighting’ the higher functioning pattern into the brain/nervous system. CRA/NRT testing with nutritional protocols offered.

For most healing sessions with a cat, dog, bird or reptile, we will meet in a quiet comfortable private room. Kim partners with her animal clients as an advocate for their healing. Sessions are energetically robust. Allow the animal quiet and peace before and after the session.

As we read in Ecclesiastes: “Indeed, the fate of man and beast is identical; one dies, the other too, and both have the same breath; man has no advantage over the beast, for all is vanity. Both go to the same place; both originate from the dust and to the dust both return. Who knows if the spirit of man mounts upward or if the spirit of the beast goes down to the earth?” (3:19-21, Jerusalem Bible)

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